Security Policy

For obvious reasons, all orders and information on security should be treated as confidential and the expansion of the details contained in JASM.

Alexandria airlines supports security standards and practices for international airports and aircraft operations as developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Alexandria airlines security policy organization for companies to cultures that have a security policy and the basic process is delivered in all parts of the organization and commitment to the organization's commitment to:

  • Provide necessary for a successful implementation of the policies of resources;
  • And the level of compliance with the regulation Alexandria airlines applicable;
  • Promote security awareness and security culture;
  • Create security objectives and performance standards;
  • Continuous improvement of the security management system;
  • Periodic review of the policy to ensure its continued relevance of the organization.

Alexandria airlines applies the concept of decentralization based on the fundamental principle that all staff Alexandria airlines is responsible for assessing the need to maintain appropriate and reasonable within the areas of their activities and areas of responsibility of security arrangements.

When airport authorities impose special security measures to protect the airlines and aircraft passengers and crew, pregnancy, or staff Alexandria airlines accept such measures and help the authorities to the fullest extent possible in the implementation of these duties.